Two Ton Sloth - Siphoning Dreams

by two ton sloth (brad hamers & big pauper)



New Free Full-length Digital LP from Two Ton Sloth (brad hamers and big pauper)...dec 2009


released December 30, 2009

Brad Hamers and PZ (Big Pauper)
Token Recluse Recordings



all rights reserved
Track Name: no fun
no fun

“even the baby with syphilis is the dreaming godhead” -Alan Watts

this is for me and the cartoon in suite 503 for the camera that never caught the killing
imagination trying to push a falling city through a hole a volcano’s creativity is our destruction and i receive a canvas and a room tab from somewhere around my liver a bottomless pistol the jammed song still robs stores takes your breath but can’t breath out never actually plays its first or anyone’s last chord i can’t letter my position wrap the words around this instant’s disposition only what it’s hanging off of -the love song dangling from a 4pms radio never playing your insides your stomach airing your lungs no requests for the warm room you can’t find in yourself more appropriate listening to static putting your ear or really your eye putting your eye right up to god and the chasm of overused metaphors 17 churches sorry superstores to one street choose your fig to represent your spirit your individuality and all its free choosing boneless chicken breast brands on a ration line at the end of your wallet’s vocabulary all this shop talk hurts the metal in my head the receipt paper in my register steal me running from whatever’s coming ocean stuttering river nothing of a womb far from the picture here’s a shot of what’s just left of what i’m trying to drain or net for something no more decorative than a fish tank in cap locks even the day it leaks i receive a bucket and a chain like a lover and a pallet of colors with no space to write on the covered wall this bedroom covered the last as best it could the skyscraper covered the church did it bigger the snow covered the parking lots like static we played fuzzy and humming inside for 3 days a lit candle refers me to times which will never exist again only in a future fall or winter will a candle’s second splice it all together for those who still exist if that room’s still lit inside them we are each other’s breath all the oxygen in a locked room she was my vent this for them and the mystery in each suite
Track Name: kicked
kicked the smoke kept the cancer
kicked the comfort kept the swinging foot
kicked the can again kept the decade old soup the slop
and foot to fall kept the ice and glass
lost the tap fell out of my heartbeat pounding a headache
stumbled towards a mystic - it was an advertisement
kicked the dance kept the shake
kicked the cash kept the debt – a body fell out
kicked the head kept the interest
lost the head kept the weight
lost the track kept the train
lost the track kept the train
lost the train kept the steam
kicked the bucket kept breathing
kicked confused for confused
mis spoke for mis run miss
ing again kicked again kept going
lost going kicked the fog for the clouds
kicked the mist and dew for the hurricane and don’t
bit the hand that shot me kept the bullet for biting
kicked reacting for (the dead in their) sleep
kicked the dream kept the stretch and yawn
kicked the stretcher kept the plague
kicked the language kept the icon – notation
kicked the pebble while keeping walk with its been
years it pops my ears to see you another cigarette?
and to the spokesman: kicked the smoke
for a burnt down house kept the cellar and mold
trying to dream sound asleep i’ll sing my way out
kicked the dream for the nightmare lost the ice in my drink
kicked the keeping kept the kept and the bit left in the bottle
kicked the clear kept the can’t see
bit the dinner lost the sustenance
hit the window while flying out of my seat (in) judgment
suspending in catching your (own) breath
i kept it in a strawberry jelly jar
with air holes kicked the ice
kept the drunk kicked the ice
kept the drunk lost the ice in my drunk
(the memory) this air has holes
kicked the door kept it open
spilt the drunk kicked the comfort -the house
kept the stain another drink? another hole
kicked the fill kept the cramp kept the ache for.
kicked the order kept the lost
kicked the whip hit my back
kept the snap kicked the beat
lost my head kept the views stayed bleeding
kicked the body lost myself stayed bleeding
kicked through kept kicking kicked nothing lost everything
died awake dreamt nothing
came true nothing was
proven false kicked the runner kept the same pace
dripped the same yellow the sun stains my eye-lids with
like welcome rugs at the opening to a day. old like faded newsprint
reporting tomorrow like maggots in the pc (candy apple of your eye)
kicked the definition kept the ambiguity kicked walking into walls
or myself sleep-talking as someone else kept the tone
kicked to sleep plague my speech blur the blur
kick the mountain keep the tip photocopy it
carbon copy it tell them to get it
confuse and dilute it keep the interest kick the reason
take the pill shoot the doctor (‘s {encapsulated} minions)
drink the lose down the downer eat the where (wear)
kick the kicking still off balance and falling foot
over millisecond hit the pavement beat the fist
catch your breath kicked the next minute kept last month
kicked myself kept unkempt
keeping on i kept it in a grape jelly jar with loop holes
kicked the circle back to perfect
distorted the canvas bought the buying sold the out sold out the value
kicked the comfort kept the swinging body
kicked the breath out (breathe out) kept the dizzy the
spinning room this is not where i’m sleeping (tonight)